Guidance on maritime cyber security standards

From the Deputy Commandant for Operations

Last week, the Coast Guard's Office of Port and Facility Compliance hosted an interagency public meeting called 'Guidance on Maritime Cybersecurity Standards.' The Coast Guard, along with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team, presented on cyber security as it relates to the maritime domain.

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French Massacre: UK Port’s in Lockdown

uk flag half mast thetimesSecurity at British ports and UK passport control posts in France has been strictly tightened in response to the recent Paris terror attack in which 12 people were murdered.

Downing Street has confirmed that there will be a heightened presence of security officials at British passport control in Paris, as well as increased checks of cars, trucks and freight arriving at British ports.

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North Korea Behind Massive Cyber Attack Against Sony, Feds Say

North Korean leaders ordered the attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment, the U.S, Justice Department is expected to announce as early as tomorrow, sources tell Deadline.

The attack that began November 24, and continued to unfold nearly daily, came to a climax today with Sony cancelling the scheduled December 25 release of The Interview A mysterious group calling itself Guardians of Peace had claimed credit for the attack on the studio over the movie — a comedy about a talk show host and producer asked by the CIA to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

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Council adopts its position on port services

Today's Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council adopted a general approach on new rules for access to the port services market in the EU and the financial transparency of ports (14034/14 + 14034/14 ADD1).

Main issues agreed at the Council meeting

The main questions agreed at the Council meeting relate to the ports and services covered by the draft regulation.

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Los socios del proyecto CYSM sobre ciber-seguridad en puertos se reúnen en Atenas:

140529Hoy 29 de mayo FEPORTS viajará a Atenas para reunirse con los socios del proyecto CYSM en su segunda reunión del Comité de Pilotaje. El proyecto "Sistema Colaborativo de Gestión de la Seguridad Ciber-Física", liderado por FEPORTS está financiado por el Programa "Prevención, preparación y gestión de las consecuencias del terrorismo y otros riesgos relacionados con la seguridad" (CIPS), y tiene como objetivo el desarrollo de una herramienta para la evaluación y gestión de riesgos relacionados con los sistemas TIC en los puertos marítimos.

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RT @FeportsCV: MARSEC 2015 @Armada_esp conduct training on Maritime Security with up to 25 Public Administration Departments


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